Just Use A Mouthwash, Stupid! New British Study Suggests “Oral Rinsing” Effective Against COVID-19 Spread

Iowa Climate Science Education

Expect this new study to be greeted by an angry mob with pitch forks and torches. Results Big Pharma, Bill Gates and social engineering technocrats don’t want to see. 

So picture this: tens of thousands of scientists, doctors and health authorities worldwide spending billions and billions in a frenzied search for new medicines and vaccines – and imposing economy-crippling lock downs – all to combat the COVID 19 virus. Meanwhile, a large part of the solution is likely just sitting right there on the supermarket shelf – to be had for just a few bucks!

Use a mouthwash, stupid!

That may be just the case, believe it or not, according a a recently published study appearing in the British journal FUNCTION titled: “Potential Role of Oral Rinses Targeting the Viral Lipid Envelope in SARS-CoV-2 Infection“.

It may be that simply gargling regularly in fact goes a long way…

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