Retrofit Programs for Heat Resilience

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Retrofit Programs for Heat Resilience


“Why will retrofit programs be so necessary in the face of climate change?”

It’s a scientific fact that nowhere is going to be safe from climate change. Buildings all over the world are going to need to be changed-out to accommodate for the rise in global temperatures. So how can we solve this? Well, what if we were to use public-sector action to invest in Retrofit Programs for Heat Resilience? That way, we can ensure the safety of our community and prepare ourselves to live in the new climate paradigm.

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Gulf Coast ready to develop carbon storage hub

The stage is set for a new carbon storage economy to emerge along the Gulf Coast, according to a study led by The University of Texas at Austin, with the region offering ample opportunities to capture and store carbon, and recent state and federal incentives giving an added push to get started.

Gulf Coast ready to develop carbon storage hub — Watts Up With That?