What Would Have Been Syed’s Dream in This Digital World? :HAPPY SIR SYED DAY

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Let us Assume That Sir Syed was living in this age.

What have been his vision for an educational institution?


A Cloud University in Cyberspace?

jo abr yahaan seuththega, vo saare jahaan par barsegaa
har juu-e-ravaan par barsegaa, har koh-e-garaan par barsegaa

Clouds of knowledge would have been raining all over the universe, Ocean of Knowledge and Wisdom.


The real questions are : Are we true torch bearers of his dream? Are we following his Vision?

Are we living the true spirit of Tarana and Nazr-e -Aligarh:

har shahr-e-tarab par garjegaa, har qasr-e-tarab par kadkegaa

ye abr hameshaa barsaa hai, ye abr hameshaa barsegaa

Join me in Saluting this great visionary.


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