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Senior GIS Specialist, Office of Safety Operations, Alabama Department of Transportation

The Universal Language of Crappy Driving

From The Atlantic City Lab by Gracie McKenzie:

“From the California stop to the Pittsburgh left, questionable choices behind the wheel are less local than the names we give them—except when they aren’t.”


I wonder how the terminology compares to that of India and other places. Thank you Duane for sharing this article. — Jenny


Transport back in time to ancient Roman sites with virtual reality

From CBS News:

“Cutting-edge technology is helping bring ancient Rome back to life.

Visitors at historic sites thousands of years old can now use virtual reality headsets to see what they once looked like. Digital artists used Renaissance-era artists’ depictions to help re-envision the relics. CBS News correspondent Seth Doane went inside the ancient underground ruins in Rome, where tourists can see what’s no longer there.”



Hikers Trace the Length of the Grand Canyon to Save It

From National Geographic by Doug Schnitzpahn:

“Pete McBride and Kevin Fedarko slog through more than 750 miles of dangerous, dry terrain to raise awareness about development projects that could change the Grand Canyon forever.”


NASA Found an Indian Spacecraft Lost Since 2009

From Atlas Obscura by Eric Grundhauser:

“Ground control to Major Tom: NASA has just rediscovered a lunar satellite that was wandering on an unknown course around the moon, a bit lost in space.

Locating small objects in the vast distances of space is no easy task, even with the most advanced technologies, but as Gizmodo is reporting, scientists at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory have devised a new radar scheme that has allowed them to pinpoint the location of a couple errant satellites.”


Better Cities, Better Growth: India’s Urban Opportunity

From The New Climate Economy:

“This report provides new analysis across 479 Indian
cities – using an innovative combination of satellite
data of night-time lights, census, environmental, and
economic data – which demonstrates a clear link
between more compact, connected urban growth and
stronger economic performance in India, corroborating
global findings.”
Rashid, I thought this would be a good discussion paper for your students. — Jenny





Surprising Charts About Smoking, Unemployment And Mobile Phones

From National Public Radio by Malaka Gharib:

“Charts can seem dull. But not to data scientist Tariq Khokhar at the World Bank. When he looked through a year’s worth of charts, graphs, maps and more, he was excited by the numbers.”