Myself a Research Scholar in Department of Geography, Bananas Hindu University, Varanasi,

Global Food Security Symposium

Collaboration, local innovation, and integration across scales were themes that permeated this year’s Global Food Security Symposium organized by the Chicago Council on Global Affairs. It marked the launch of the report, Advancing Global Food Security: The Power of Science, Trade, and Business, which laid out a blueprint for action targeted at policy leadership (specifically in the U.S.) to address issues of food security and nutrition.

Extensive technology and chemical input to raise our agricultural production. It gain success but consequentely it play in wrong way with our soil specially in developing nations.

We should ponder on this issue in our national condition;  Exploitation of soil: to get more and more agricultural product and Food security: to support a vast population of our nation.

Its need sustainable development , also needs Geographer eye to play a markable role to make it favourable.