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belas bright ideas

Be the hero of your own life,
gathering disparate threads
as a spider weaves her tapestry
into patterns collected in perfect
symmetry, harnessing dewdrops
of morning, bright dawn
of a new day;

Bending not breaking
through the winds of change,
then radiating like a hundred facets
of a brilliant jewel in the glimmer
of the sun’s first rays.

All photos taken in Sydney Harbor, AU. Playing with jeweled light.
© Bela Johnson

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Contextual Minimalism: The Work of Coen+Partners


Coen + Partners Contextual Minimalism / Princeton Architectural Press

Contextual Minimalism, a new monograph from the landscape architecture firm Coen+Partners, presents the work of founder Shane Coen, FASLA, and his firm into a well-organized book encapsulating over 20 years of design projects. With photography, some drawings, and minimal text, it tells the story of how Coen’s design instinct developed into a design philosophy, and how that philosophy adapted to different design challenges, primarily in the upper mid-west.

Coen describes his firm’s work as the “celebration of nature through contrast, deduction, and abstraction,” an approach he’s come to call “contextual minimalism.” This approach is apparent in the firm’s use of contextually-appropriate blocks of color, texture, and mono-cultural plants.

Much of Coen’s work feels painterly, with broad strokes and deliberate dashes. Coen writes with appreciation of the impact his father, a painter, had on his approach towards landscape. On many of…

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Strong chance of a new El Niño forming, says WMO

Tallbloke's Talkshop

The last one finished in mid-2016 and was one of the strongest on record.

The World Meteorological Organization says there’s a 75-80% chance of the weather phenomenon forming by next February, BBC News reports.

The naturally occurring event causes changes in the temperature of the Pacific Ocean and has a major influence on weather patterns around the world.

It is linked to floods in South America and droughts in Africa and Asia.

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Muchas Gracias

Corporate Skirts


Life has been amazing! Simply amazing! There’s so much war and strife and loss and pain that it reminds me over and over again to be grateful for what I do have. Simple things that I take for granted, a cup of hot tea, waking up early morning to watch the dawn break, the sound of birds waking up. There’s always so much to be grateful for even as I strive for more.

That’s human tendency isn’t it? To want more, to always be seeking and searching? Only as life flowed, the things I seek and value changed. The way I experience life continues to change and that is totally okay. It’s okay to not want the things that we wanted yesterday. It’s okay to dream a new dream each day. It’s okay to give up pursuit of things that do not contribute to our growth. It’s okay to say…

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Happy Sir Syed Day: Hindi Transcript of Complete Nazm of Majaz Titled “nazr-e-aligarh”- Later Abridged and Adopted as AMU Tarana

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22389b38-e37b-4d5f-b40d-77afac92c22a.jpgये मेरा चमन है मेरा चमन, मैं अपने चमन का बुलबुल हूँ
सरशार-ए-निगाह-ए-नरगिस हूँ, पा-बास्ता-ए-गेसू-संबल हूँ

हर आन यहाँ सेहबा-ए-कुहन एक साघर-ए-नौ में ढलती है
कलियों से हुस्न टपकता है, फूलों से जवानी उबलती है

जो ताक-ए-हरम में रोशन है, वो शमा यहाँ भी जलती है
इस दश्त के गोशे-गोशे से, एक जू-ए-हयात उबलती है

इसलाम के इस बुत-खाने में अस्नाम भी हैं और आज़ार भी
तहज़ीब के इस मै-खाने में शमशीर भी है और साघार भी

याँ हुस्न की बर्क चमकती है, याँ नूर की बारिश होती है
हर आह यहाँ एक नग्मा है, हर अश्क यहाँ एक मोती है

हर शाम है शाम-ए-मिस्र यहाँ, हर शब है शब-ए-शीराज़ यहाँ
है सारे जहाँ का सोज़ यहाँ और सारे जहाँ का साज़ यहाँ

ये दश्त-ए-जुनूँ दीवानों का, ये बज़्म-ए-वफा परवानों की
ये शहर-ए-तरब रूमानों का, ये खुल्द-ए-बरीं अरमानों की

फितरत ने सिखाई है हम को, उफ्ताद यहाँ परवाज़ यहाँ

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