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Give More Expect Less

Orlando Espinosa

Give more and expect less and be surprised with what you get! Don’t give more expecting more!

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Transport Infrastructure: Way Forward


  • Trend in transport demand profile: increasing share of road transport & personalized transport – need to reverse the trend towards more environment friendly transport modes like rail & water. Bcoz though road transport contributed to GDP growth during 2000-07 (NHDP, PMGSY) the impact on energy & envi & safety is far from desirable.
  • Transport (T) – international & domestic – ports & airports are gateways for export/import traffic.
  • T – freight & passenger – 70% of economic value generated from freight
  • Major concern of T infra planning is the non-availability of authentic data. Last scientific sample survey based study for freight transport was conducted in 2007-08 by RITES. Hence need to put together a mechanism for a more scientific & periodic collection of data for railways, roads etc in electronic means
  • National Transport Development Policy Committee (NTDPC) – tried to estimate overall freight traffic until 2031-32 by using a growth…

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Life style of isolation: wadi Fuqin


You probably never heard of wadi fuqin. A village among ten villages in the heart of what is called gush etzion . A heart that is left with some pulse for what is originally related to the soil of this land . Wadi fuqin is inside a claw that is comprised of settlements on the cliffs of the village which is by its name a wadi , a valley . In a normal time , a haven that holds together nature with all the beauty that an eye can see to be distracted and threatened by a colonial bloc of settlements..

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