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Teacher as Transformer

Our spring is arriving in spits and spurts. There have been spring blizzards with accumulating snow. Another part of our spring is fog. It is unusual in Edmonton and could be due to the warming and cooling that has occurred.

In keeping with the slow arrival of spring and the fog, I wrote this poem. When we lived in Prince George, BC, fog was more common. The city is in a valley at the confluence of the Fraser and Nechako Rivers. Edmonton has fog around the North Saskatchewan River, but the valley is not the same.

In Prince George, if I drove out of the bowl, I looked back and saw the fog hanging over the city. Its lines were not clearly drawn, but blurred and uneven.

Look back into the valley’s bowl

Fog hangs;

The city evaporates,

Gray lines blur my vision.

The road ends at the next curve,

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East, West & History

La Paz Group


The podcast of this discussion kept sitting there, waiting to be listened to, since last July. Finally I had time to focus on it, and wow. It is worth an hour of your time if you have had the opportunity to live in both East and West and still wonder how to make sense of the experiences; and if you appreciate historical parallels as learning tools:

There’s a new school of history that’s revolutionising the way we look at the past. For centuries, our history has been taught in separate chunks, with the classical, European world divided from China and the East. This traditional, somewhat lazy history of civilisation, zeroing in on the Western Mediterranean, drastically restricts our understanding of the world – and the crucial ideas and problems that have affected human civilisation as a whole; from politics to religion; from war to money.

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Student on Budget

After the chaos unleashed by last year’s demonetisation decision, India’s finance minister has promised relief, resuscitation and reform in the coming months. On Feb. 01, Arun Jaitley presented his budget for 2017-18 to the parliament, promising bumped up funding for the hard-hit agriculture and rural sectors, as well as tax cuts to soothe struggling small…

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Physical Constraints on the Climate Sensitivity

Guest essay by George White For matter that’s absorbing and emitting energy, the emissions consequential to its temperature can be calculated exactly using the Stefan-Boltzmann Law, 1) P = εσT4 where P is the emissions in W/m2, T is the temperature of the emitting matter in degrees Kelvin, σ is the Stefan-Boltzmann constant whose value […]

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