Nature and Nurture

The inquiry into how nature and nurture influence behavior and mental processes has an impact on our personality. Here, nature means the heredity and nurture means the environment. Frascis Galton was one of the first investigators who studied scientifically how nature and nurture influence our behavior and mental processes. Galton came on to result that nature influence the person, totally ignoring the nurturing side such as socio-cultural aspects and family traditions. Later on, many studies are conducted in this field to study the influences of both nature and nurture. Perhaps, one reason people have so often debated nature and nurture relationships is because human have a strong tendency to think rationally in either/or categories. In reality, it can be concluded by the research evidences that nature and nurture lie along a continuum, where some traits influence by the genes, while others are based on environmental factors. Finally, we can conclude that both nature and nurture are inter-dependent and they interact to make us who we are. Therefore, the modern approach should not proceed towards the debate of nature vs nurture, rather it is nature and nurture, both interact to influence our behavior and mental processes which determine our personality.

Educational Technology

Educational technology is not the medicine or the so called ‘Rambaan’ for all the illness & diseases in education , it just provide a way to effective teaching and learning, depending upon how to use these hardware and software technologies. Here, educational technology doesn’t meant the computer and internet only, it is the use of any tool or technique to make learning easy, interesting, accessible and effective. Thus, teachers are the best technology in any classroom whether traditional or modern web-based classroom.