For Ocean Conservation, Focus On Scientifically-Driven Decisions — La Paz Group

Our favorite stories on conservation challenges–whether marine or terrestrial–are those that highlight entrepreneurial approaches. Those stories, though, have multiple counterparts related to government approaches to conservation. In our many celebrations of various forms of ocean conservation, we have probably tended to favor quantity and scale more than emphasizing the value of science. Guilty as charged, but […]

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White storks foraging, video

How Women’s Day Was Celebrated Around the World

By Mahak Paliwal Every year, International Women’s Day is celebrated across the world on the 8th of March. The celebration is ordinarily in the form of programs such as social gatherings, conferences, awards, exhibitions, festivals, fun-runs, corporate events, concert performances, speaking events, online digital gatherings, etc. The group of people associated with such events are…

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Dealing With Tourist Scammer

It’s hard not to pity the group of Japanese travelers in Venice who, upon reading the bill for an average meal of steak and fish, reportedly found a price tag befit for a Michelin star restaurant: more than $1,200. While it’s easy for an experienced traveler to think “That would never happen to me,” the…

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