To Build a Green Economy, We Need a Green Workforce


Transport Infrastructure: Way Forward


  • Trend in transport demand profile: increasing share of road transport & personalized transport – need to reverse the trend towards more environment friendly transport modes like rail & water. Bcoz though road transport contributed to GDP growth during 2000-07 (NHDP, PMGSY) the impact on energy & envi & safety is far from desirable.
  • Transport (T) – international & domestic – ports & airports are gateways for export/import traffic.
  • T – freight & passenger – 70% of economic value generated from freight
  • Major concern of T infra planning is the non-availability of authentic data. Last scientific sample survey based study for freight transport was conducted in 2007-08 by RITES. Hence need to put together a mechanism for a more scientific & periodic collection of data for railways, roads etc in electronic means
  • National Transport Development Policy Committee (NTDPC) – tried to estimate overall freight traffic until 2031-32 by using a growth…

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Life style of isolation: wadi Fuqin


You probably never heard of wadi fuqin. A village among ten villages in the heart of what is called gush etzion . A heart that is left with some pulse for what is originally related to the soil of this land . Wadi fuqin is inside a claw that is comprised of settlements on the cliffs of the village which is by its name a wadi , a valley . In a normal time , a haven that holds together nature with all the beauty that an eye can see to be distracted and threatened by a colonial bloc of settlements..

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How First Ladies on Opposing Sides of the Civil War Forged an Unlikely Bond

From Atlas Obscura by Hadley Meares:

They were both former first ladies. But the similarities between Julia Grant and Varina Davis didn’t end there. The two elderly widows were both born in 1826 to slave-owning Southern families. Both had keen intellects and literary aspirations, and spoke in soft, low voices. They had spent their lives following and supporting their high-ranking husbands, subsuming their identities in the expected fashion throughout their marriages.

Now that their respective husbands had died, each widow was experiencing a personal renaissance. But their unexpected meeting in 1893 sent shock waves through Gilded Age America. For Varina and Julia had publicly–and iconically–represented opposite sides of the recent and raw American Civil War. “

How “forgetting” our past takes us to our highest potential

By Chethan Reddy “If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.“ ~Wayne Dyer. Dr Dyer, a popular 21st-century spiritual teacher, was onto something when he said this. I think we have all experienced the way our entire realities shift when we are truly able to change the way…

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