Geography ( Bhoogol) : Study of Bhoolok

Lovely Discussion about Geography. In India in Hindi language we call it BHOOGOL (Means Earth as a Sphere). Infact it is not so as it looks, the actual word was BHOO-LOK ( The whole earth that includes BHOO ( Earth) and LOK ( All that animate and inanimate that exist on the Earth) LOK means not only the People, After that – LOK converted in to LOG (People).
In hindi language there is a principle of VARN VIPARYAYA ( use of other or opposite letter in pronouncing any word) as sometime we call LUCKNOW as NAKHLAU.In the same way we have used LOG as GOL and after adding BHOO in it the word became as BHOOGOL. So the study of BHOOGOL or GEOGRAPHY primarily was the study of the whole of the Earth so that Man could live wisely with it, with the best co-operation with nature and feeling one god in every one in animate and in inanimate. After that who has not got the real sense, changed it and well understood word LOK got the existance as LOG so they made it as the study of LOG (People) so it was understood as the study of Earth Surface and it’s People.Afterwards in the word People they have included other features, useful for MAN as Flora and Fauna etc while in the previous concept of Bhoolok (INDIAN GEOGRAPHY) man, flora and fauna etc all were included in LOK because earlier we have never used the concept of SHOSHAN. It was the concept of PAR HIT SARIS DHARM NAHI BHAI ( there is nothing valuable except the well being of others whether it be animate or inanimate). If i can give any life to any tree by troubling myself then it’s the best work because the same god resides within that tree as lives within me.
So I am sure noone can underestimate Geography as a Subject. The only need is that we could understand it in full terms as it was earlier as BHOO – LOK = BHOOGOL.