Connovate’s connected and synchronised GPS Analog Wall Clock

Bahubali Shete's Blog


Just to add another feather in the cap, Connovate completed design and produced samples of connected and synchronised GPS Analog Wall Clock. This Wall Clock receives accurate time from a central master GPS receiver device which broad casts the Satellite time with split second accuracy. Most important is this analog clock is built with sensors to automatically set itself without any manual intervention.

Few important features of our Analog Clock are:

1. Auto-time-setting: All you need to do is to put in the battery and the time is set automatically in the clock.

2. Battery operated: Most GPS based sync clocks are AC powered which means you need to run your AC power to the wall clock. Our clock runs on battery and does not need AC line. It is power efficient and gives you one year battery life.

3. Sync multiple clocks with one master: You can sync multiple…

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