Working in Australia – Part 3

kiran burra

Working in Australia – Part 3

Today we continue with our series on ‘Working in Australia’ with the personal story written by Kiran Burra. He talks about his dream to migrate to Australia and the process he went through.

Kiran Burra – My Journey and Settlement in Australia


After completing my post graduate studies in geosciences, with a Diploma in GIS & Remote Sensing, I started my career in GIS with Patni Computer Systems, a multinational company in India. I gained professional experience working on all GIS & CAD software in capturing, maintaining data and quality assurance on all outgoing data. I am currently working for SA Power Networks, a distribution network company in Adelaide, undertaking in house GIS projects.

I have extensive experience applying geographic analysis and technologies for improved information management and decision support worldwide.  I am experienced in data creation and maintenance, GPS/GIS integration and GIS analysis working on industry standard GIS tools like ESRI ArcGIS (3D Analyst and Spatial Analyst extensions), GeoMedia, and CAD.

Migrating to Australia:

I grew up in India in a well educated family where my parents both served in public sector organisations. With a growing passion for technology and continuous backup from my parents, I spent my childhood discovering new things. After finishing high school, I was inspired to pursue further studies in sciences and technology. During this time, I discovered an interest in geography and then pursued a university undergraduate degree in science and followed by masters in the geosciences.

Whilst searching for an appropriate GIS role, I undertook additional training by completing certifications in GIS. Shortly after that I started my GIS journey working with a number of very good companies.

Migrating to Australia was my dream of mine since 2002 but the circumstances and financial conditions did not support my dream. Whilst I working in Libya, with a Swedish company, I my colleagues encouraged me to get the process started.

In 2008 I consulted a migration company in India and from there the process of migration started by submitting all my certificates, IELTS scores, medicals, Police clearance certificates, and showing my assets in India. I was approved for a visa in September 2011 after waiting for more than a year and receiving my sponsorship from Government of South Australia.

After coming to Australia: 

I thought coming to Australia and settling down would be easy. It was difficult to find job especially in the GIS field. It took more than 3 months to get a job and enter into Australian market. I would say I am lucky to have good skills in GIS and of course God’s grace was upon me.

Future Plans: 

Living happy life with healthy work-life balance. I am primarily looking to settle into a new GIS role in Adelaide, but I am open to relocation if offered a suitable permanent role interstate in GIS.

I trust you find this information helpful

Dean Howell

Founder and CEO Geospatial Connect

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About Dean Howell

Think outside the square and really believe that anything is possible. For many years now I have been a business owner in the recruitment and mapping industries, starting and running my own successful businesses but never really had a lot of time freedom. I recently changed direction and became a Professional Fire Fighter in Adelaide. Being a fire fighter is a great job and gives me a great deal of personal satisfaction but not the financial freedom that I would like to provide my family. What I was looking for was an opportunity to use my entrepreneurial skills that give me the freedom and lifestyle to choose my own destiny and to enjoy the things my wife and children do on a day to day basis. We have a motto in our house and also in my business that is “Imagine, Dream, Believe” which I love and feel very strongly about. Its aim is to remind everyone that enters our home or that works with me, that they have the freedom to imagine, to dream for the things they want and to truly believe that all is possible if they believe in themselves. Join me on this journey so we can he how high the sky really is :)

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